Schwab agents needed an application to help them gather various documents for client Docusign signatures. Prior to this design Schwab agents had to send clients a multiple URLs for different documents in order to get the client’s signature for each document. This was time consuming and could lead to confusion. 

The solution in this case is to combine the documents into an “envelope.” In many cases there could be multiple signers so we had to also provide a way to designate which clients needed to sign the forms in a given envelope.

In this design my biggest challenge was organizing the hierarchy of information and create a work flow and interaction that follows that hierarchy. It was important to create an experience that takes the confusion out signing multiple documents by multiple people. This design allows the Schwab agent to provide one location to multiple people to sign one or more documents at different times. 

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The interaction for adding signers starts with clicking on the “Add Signer” button. When the button is clicked a bubble provides the user with a choice between “Existing Schwab Client” and a “New to Schwab client”.
When the Add Signer button is clicked, the user can choose between an Existing Client or New to Schwab Client. This screen describes the process for adding a New-to-Schwab-Client. 
This screen describes the interaction for adding an existing Schwab client. 
This screen describes how to choose, add, edit or remove clients, forms and envelopes.