The Entitlements project at US Bank crossed all channels of business and touched all customers in the bank (for example: retail, small business or wealth management). The product allowed account holders to designate specific individuals to have access to their account to monitor, pay bills or transfer money between accounts. A good example of a target user for this product would be an elderly customer who wants to allow their adult children to have access to all or some of their accounts and take care of their online banking or financial dealings.

The customer did all their entitlement work within a dashboard environment. The customer acted as an admin-user in their dashboard having the ability to add or delete users and add or delete accounts that were designated to each user. The admin-user could even delete the Entitlements dashboard in order to opt-out of the program.

The examples presented here describe the process an account holder or “Admin-User” would go through within the Admin Dashboard environment to add a first user and then subsequent users to the dashboard. The Admin-User could also delete users or add/delete the accounts assigned to those users.

I worked in San Francisco with a team in Minneapolis. After reviewing and existing prototype, I worked with researchers to test that prototype. We then reviewed our findings of the customer testing, synthesized the results.

One of the biggest issues was deciding labels and terms for the various users and the interactions in the product. The previous prototype and exploratory work did not provide clear distinction between the different users. Two of the main users that we identified were the Admin User (account holder) and the Delegate User (person designated to have access to the account and help account holder).

I collaborated with my team to develop a strategy and direction for the product. From there I began designing the workflow, interaction and experience while also writing text and content to support the interaction.

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This page describes the first screen in the Admin Dashboard and how the Admin User adds the first user to their dashboard. 
This page describes the interaction and layout for adding a Delegate User to the Admin Dashboard in the desktop experience.
This page describes the interaction and layout for adding and removing delegate users to the Admin Dashboard in the mobile experience.