I was asked to conduct a Task Audit for the three Rocket Pro Portals: Third Party Originate, Rocket Pro Originate and Rocket Pro Insight.

The goals for the Task Audits were to:

• Look at the ‘what’ not the ‘how’

• Ask: 

  – What are users trying to accomplish?

  – Where are users doing the same tasks?

I started by listing out the top tasks we ask our Pros to do. I then filled in the other things we wanted to know. 

Accomplishing this required input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders. I collected the information through workshops, group and one on one meetings that gave me most of what we were looking for. 

After completing the audit we couldn’t find the alignment of tasks we thought we would find. This led us to other exercises and workshops using different tools than a spread sheet to collect the information. 

At the end of the task audit and the exercises it spawned, we discovered that we had a bigger project than originally thought. The audit allowed us to see the bigger picture and prescribe next steps. 

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This is one of the task audit spread sheets used to conduct the task audit.
In order to get better input during workshops, I placed the spreadsheet into a Lucid board for a reference point and reproduced the spread sheet with columns and rows for participants to place stickies with the tasks and other information I was looking for.
This is the first attempt to make a comparison between the three portals. This helped me discover other ways to make comparisons and answer the questions we set out to answer.