Besides looking good, how else does a document get noticed? A persona document or cast of personas need “curb appeal”. People won’t use personas they’re not useful, easy to read and attract attention. The documents should be produced for use and reuse. 

For the Moody’s Analytics Credit View cast I researched our customers, identified the key users, synthesized that information and developed the personas. I documented their goals, their assigned tasks and pain points along with a narrative for each persona by organizing content into a layout that could be reused and reproduced in tabloid or letter sizes.

The content was also made available to the design team for easy inclusion for research documents, powerpoint presentations and other Ux output.

Click on each image to see larger version 

At-a-glance information is provided about the cast in this large format document.
These two are examples of individual cast documents. The individual documents provide more detail as well as a persona narrative.