The Rocket Market Place is an internal portal for Team Members, Product Owners and Product Managers to discover, research and access existing APIs to plug into new products or update existing products for the Rocket Family of Companies. 

My role as Information Architect was as a consultant and collaborator for a team to improve the overall experience for the users of the Market Place product. 

During this engagement, my contribution involved:

• Analysis of the existing product

• Research and Testing

• Synthesis 

• Workflow & Wireframes development

Our research included a moderated card sort with interviews of respondents made up of a variety of users within the company.  

Our key take-aways from the card sort were:

• The names of the products and services are not intuitive. We should provide better visual cues for our users to distinguish between offerings. 

• Provide better cues in the landing page, product page and search results to aide the users in the discovery process. 

• Users have requirements in mind and need to find them efficiently in either the documentation or the description of the product of service. In this case, finding efficiently is different than finding quickly because users were willing to dig deep and read more if they could efficiently find what they were looking for first, then drill down.

I created a series of workflows and charts to respond to the findings from our research.

The images displayed are artifacts of the work I produced for this project. 

Click on each image to see larger version 

This map (above) describes the content hierarchy and organization.

(below) The interaction and navigation are displayed in the “Tools” and “Add Your Products” columns. Links for specific target content are displayed in red. Main navigation is listed at the top of each column.
Links from the home page take the user to a specific point on the product page to allow for efficient research. 
Detail from one of the boards in a Lucid Chart presented to the team for review.
A more traditional flow chart/site plan